The Choir Girls


A peaceful lake-side town

is thrown into complete turmoil after a world-renowned opera singer arrives to take over its award-winning choir. Her ‘take no prisoners’ approach coupled with a prima donna persona drive long-term singers to breakaway. As the two choirs vie for the spotlight, and local funding, tempers flare and what begins as a healthy competition deteriorates rapidly until the dead body of a choir member is discovered on the beach.

The Choir Girls is a fast-paced story with a cast of intriguing characters, a number of whom are not at all who they appear to be.


Escape from the Garden of Eden


Winston Clooney and his father George are trapped

like caged animals in dull, monotonous lives with little hope of happiness in sight: Winston sleep-walking through a string of no prospect jobs while his abusive and philandering wife emasculates him at every turn; George entrapped by a controlling wife whose death dictated he dutifully remain alone in The Garden of Eden: a remote retirement home. Father and son hatch a scheme whereby Winston, a former child actor will take his father’s place in the retirement home while George travels the world spending as much of his deceased wife’s estate as possible before he dies.